Kitchen porcelain tableware

Porcelain products, like many beautiful but fragile things, require careful and careful care. But how to wash these elegant, weightless creatures, if they are afraid to take them in your hands? However, washing porcelain is not such a difficult task, it only requires care and compliance with a few simple… Read more »

Kitchen Glassware

One holiday or banquet is not complete without glass dishes. Vases and decanters, glasses and wine glasses — these items give the table setting solemnity and elegance. Because of their characteristics, glassware requires a certain amount of care. First of all, the means for washing and cleaning dishes in which… Read more »

Maximazing Your Small Kitchen
small kitchen

Having a small kitchen is not at all unlucky. All you need to do is to plan well in maximizing the available space of your current kitchen. It is quite unavoidable to have so many things inside a kitchen considering the many requirements when cooking and preparing food. However, this… Read more »

What Not To Do In Your Kitchen Island
kitchen island

Kitchen islands are great additions to every kitchen. It provides extra storage, great centerpiece and elegance to the overall look to your kitchen. However, like anything, there are quite a few things you must avoid to ensure its full serviceability. A kitchen island must be functional, well designed and worthy… Read more »

Five Secrets to Kitchen Remodeling
Five Secrets to Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most essential places inside the home is the kitchen. It’s no wonder then why people sometimes go overboard when it comes to doing some kitchen remodeling, especially the women. The kitchen is where the you eat is prepared; it is where the foods you have are stored;  and… Read more »

Growing mint indoors in the kitchen
growing mint indoors

Benefits of growing mint indoors Mint is not only a spice with a rich fresh aroma, but also a useful culture for the human body. When added to teas and dishes, it normalizes the emotional state, calms the nervous system, and relieves insomnia. As a spice, it gives the food… Read more »

Nature wreath for kitchen
nature wreath

It is believed that decorating the house with nature wreaths is accepted only for Christmas. However, now in the interior there is a tendency to decorate the home with garlands and wreaths in honor of a variety of events, from birthdays to various holidays. It all depends on the owner’s… Read more »