Growing mint indoors in the kitchen


Benefits of growing mint indoors

Mint is not only a spice with a rich fresh aroma, but also a useful culture for the human body. When added to teas and dishes, it normalizes the emotional state, calms the nervous system, and relieves insomnia. As a spice, it gives the food a stunning illuminating taste.

Features of growing mint indoors on the window in the kitchen

For the cultivation of mint on the windowsill of the kitchen does not require special efforts and skills. Grow room spice can be throughout the year, but it is desirable to plant in the autumn or spring months.

growing mint indoors

The optimal place for summer maintenance is a balcony, winter – a window sill, where good lighting. Depending on the size of the Bush, it can be placed on a shelf or on the floor. Watering is desirable to carry out with a pallet of slightly warm boiled water. The leaves are periodically sprayed, cleaned from dust accumulations: this helps to enhance the flavor.

In winter, the plant is dormant and grows slowly. It should be protected from cold and drafts. In the warm period, when growth processes are activated, you should cut the upper leaves, leaving 2 cm of the petiole from the stem: this is necessary to stimulate the appearance of side shoots.

Growing mint plants indoors care

Mint is moisture-loving, but you can not fill the pot, because the root system begins to rot. The plant is able to survive a short drought. In summer, the Bush is watered more often than in winter. But during the heating period, when the stems dry from hot air, regular spraying with settled warm water becomes mandatory.

Mistakes when to grow mint indoors on the windowsill

Most often the following mistakes are made when caring for growing mint plants:

1.       Excessive or insufficient watering. Prolonged dryness, as well as the “swamp” in the pot, the Bush does not tolerate.

2.       Lack of light. In the period from mid-autumn to early spring, the plant suffers without additional lighting.

3.       Exposing the Bush to direct sunlight. Tender leaves quickly dry out.

4.       Creating adverse temperature conditions (below +18 °C) and draughts.


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