Kitchen Glassware


One holiday or banquet is not complete without glass dishes. Vases and decanters, glasses and wine glasses — these items give the table setting solemnity and elegance. Because of their characteristics, glassware requires a certain amount of care. First of all, the means for washing and cleaning dishes in which food is stored, prepared and served on the table are subject to strict safety requirements: they must not contain chemicals that are harmful to human health.


Glass dishes should not be washed with washing powder, sand, wire washcloth, or RUB with a skin to prevent scratches on the glass. It is best to use special tools.

Glass dishes are especially well washed and become more transparent if you add a little vinegar (1-2 teaspoons) or coarse salt (1 teaspoon) to warm water.

Wash heavily soiled glass dishes with a solution of alkali or soda, and then rinse thoroughly.

Wash glass objects with gilt and colored patterns with warm water, then wipe them thoroughly with a linen towel.

To protect glass dishes that you use in the kitchen from cracking, you need to “harden”them. This is done as follows: put it in a pan, the bottom of which is lined with newspaper in several layers, pour cold water, put on a low heat and heat to a boil. Then gradually reduce the fire. Keep in water until it cools.

In the same way, glasses are “tempered”; it is necessary to line not only the bottom of the dishes with paper, but also to lay it between the glasses.

Glass vases, pitchers, and water carafes are easily cleaned of sediment if a solution of salt, vinegar, and water is held in them.

The whitish sediment inside the carafe is easy to remove if you pour hot water into the carafe, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence, and after a minute rinse thoroughly with clean water.

To remove the wine sediment in the carafe, pour warm soapy water into it and leave it overnight. In the morning, drain the water, pour in a carafe of slightly moistened baking soda and shake well. Repeat this operation if necessary. Rinse the cleaned carafe with clean warm water with vinegar.

Glass glasses become transparent and Shine like crystal if they are washed in warm salt water and rinsed in cold.

When washing dishes, glasses are often placed one in another. To separate the glasses inserted into one another without fear of breaking them, you need to lower the lower glass into warm water, and pour cold water into the upper one or put a piece of ice.

Never place heated glassware on a cold stand, cement floor, etc.

Advice for washing glass dishes

For washing glass dishes, you can use a fine detergent of your own preparation: soften the Soaps for 1 to 2 hours in a small amount of water, then form a piece of soap from them or put the Soaps in an elastic stocking. In this case, you can add a few drops of ammonia to the water.

Dirty glass dishes can also be easily washed with water with wood paste or crushed charcoal.

To wash decanters and bottles, you can use shredded paper or very finely chopped raw potato peels. Put them in a bottle, fill with water and shake hard.

Well washes glass dishes, glasses, glasses, bottles of vegetable oil coffee grounds.


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