Kitchen table sets


Kitchen table sets – Island

A multitasking table for those who love to dine where they cook. In small kitchens every inch of space matters and such an elegant table is an ideal solution. It is perfect both for dining and cooking. Its durable surface is resistant to all damage such as knife marks and stains. Thanks to ity it always presents a perfect look you will enjoy day by day, for years.

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Kitchen table sets – Vintage

The vintage is back. Everything that is stylishly old or at least looks so, is now a must have. For those who love the touch of the previous century, a vintage kitchen table is a perfect choice. The matt surface and a visible wooden pattern are the decorations that define its style. But even those who are not vintage lovers will appreciate this solid construction. It will ensure happy, family meals for entire years.

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Kitchen table sets – Standard round

A classic solution that you can adopt in any house, any kitchen and any dining room. It will fit both in small and big spaces. As it creates a cosy spot at your place, you can now enjoy a morning coffee or a festive dinner with your beloved ones. Rely on standard solutions that never fail. What worked decades ago, will work now. And in the future. Class and elegance are simply timeless.
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Kitchen table sets – Bench

You can easily place it in the middle of a room to expose its valor. You can also have it in a warm corner of your kitchen, saving space. A stylish table with a bench fits in the cramped rooms. It is just an economical and practical version of its round or square cousin. The comfortable wooden seat has a liftable cover – here you can store all your kitchen treasures. Doesn’t it sound great to have one more place to keep all the things you need close?


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