Perfect little tables for small kitchen spaces

The dining table may be stylish, functional and at the same time requires very little space, even in the smallest kitchen.Choosing the ideal kitchen tables for small spaces, first of all ask yourself simple questions:

  1. What function it will have?
  2. Is it for family dinners and suppers or for snacking in a hurry?
  3. How many people will sit around it every day?
  4. You like to invite guests or commonly eat out?

This will determine its shape and size. One more important thing is the location of the table – near the wall, in a corner or in the center of a small kitchen.

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Make the right choice

When you select a particular model of a kithchen table for small spaces, kitchen designers recommend to follow a few simple rules.

  1. For a small kitchen round dining table is a perfect choice. It looks less massive and visually expands the space. It has no sharp corners, so it is more convenient to sit around it in a good company. And it makes kitchen surprisingly cozy and homey. A small round table will fit well in almost any interior – from classic to hi-tech.
  2. When choosing between the rectangular and square dining table, designers advise to give preference to the square as it looks more compact.
  3. Dark color dining table looks stylishly, solidly and thoroughly. However, in a tiny kitchen it would look too bulky.
  4. A great solution for a small spaces is a dining table with glass top. It is good when the top is made of transparent glossy glass – this will add some shine to small kitchen.
  5. Table-transformer is also an excellent solution for a small kitchen. Most often, they are moved apart in the middle, and the table area increases due to the additional panel which is inserted into the gap. Thus, the round table is transformed into oval and the square one – into rectangular.

kitchen tables for small spaces photo - 26. For small-sized kitchen it is desirable to choose a dining table with elegant legs, for example,from chrome-plated metal. Massive construction in limited space will look out of place.

7. If your kitchen is so tiny that it can be difficult to fit even the smallest dining table, try to replace it with a small breakfast bar or a moving tabletop.

One way or another, designers recomend: even in the small-sized kitchen there is not point to sacrifice a comfortable places to eat. It is better to do fewer kitchen cabinets, compact appliances and minimum utensils.

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