Kitchen towel sets


These vibrant kitchen towel sets bring a splatter of color into your kitchen. These cotton kitchen towels add to the decor of your home and are a perfect partner for your kitchen chores.

The first set of towels comes with an elegant design of intricate patterns interleaved with leaf like outlines. These 4 hand crafted towels are quite attractive with a unique blend of white, green and white colors. This exclusive color combination soothes your eyes and gives you positive energy. The colors never fade or bleed as it gets wet. It is highly durable as it is made with hundred percent cotton materials. The soft fiber in the towel is quite versatile and it dries up your crockery without any scratch. It works fine with pots, plates, silverware and even pans.

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The second kitchen towel sets has an exquisite stripe design which is quite stylish. The towels come in brown, yellow, green, blue, red and black colored stripes. These attractive towels are lightweight and are great absorbent. It absorbs water quickly and thereby facilitates quick drying of kitchen wares. The towels are easy to wash and can last for a long time. It is suitable for use in homes, offices, various restaurants etc. The sophisticated design and the absorbent qualities of the towels make it a pre requisite in any kitchen.
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The third kitchen towel sets is a classy white towel which benefits any formal or informal occasion. The towels are quite artistic as it has cutlery design interwoven into the white back drop of the towel. The black and white color blend of the towels gives it a creative touch. Anyone would love these unique towels as they are trendy and stylish. These cutlery design towels are durable and quite easy to manage. You can wash it in the machines and can be dried without any troubles. A striking feature of the towels is its anti shrinking property. It is great for cleaning utensils and kitchen tables.
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