Maximazing Your Small Kitchen


Having a small kitchen is not at all unlucky. All you need to do is to plan well in maximizing the available space of your current kitchen. It is quite unavoidable to have so many things inside a kitchen considering the many requirements when cooking and preparing food. However, this must not stop you in creating your ideal kitchen that has enough space for you to walk around add fits everything you need in an organized and clean way.

Planning a kitchen is a great task. You need to plan well in order to incorporate everything you want at a limited area. In doing so, you must classify different aspects in your kitchen, which includes the overall motif and design, the color of your kitchen furniture, wall and floor, your storage, the ventilation and the appliances necessary inside a kitchen. If planned well, you cannot really say that you have a small kitchen.

First is your motif and design. Do you want something classic or contemporary? What furniture do you want in your kitchen and where do you want to place them? These questions are part of the things you need to think about when planning. It will eventually help you on how your kitchen will look after you are done organizing your kitchen. One thing to remember before setting up different kitchen furniture is to list what is your top priority and try to put them in your kitchen first.

The color does not only speak of design and style in your kitchen but also help in making your kitchen look big. Lighter color for your kitchen furniture such as your cabinets and tables will create an illusion for wider spaces. Sometimes, lighting can add to the impression of greater spaces. You can place some energy saving lighting under your cabinets or a few areas that you want to enhance.
Space is indeed a great issue when it comes to your kitchen. You really need to try to put everything in your small kitchen. Hence, a functional storage is essential to avoid clutter and create more spaces. Kitchen cabinet is a good storage for all your kitchen essentials. But, it usually takes up more space. What you need is a wide towering cabinet that has hollow panels to place your big appliances. You can place your refrigerator, ovens and dishwater in these panels to create extra walking space for you.

A kitchen island is also a great addition to your small kitchen. It does not necessarily need to be big but just right to fit a few space in the center. It helps in storage for your other kitchen essentials and you can use the countertop as a permanent place for your small appliances like the coffee maker, toasters or blender. In addition, you can utilize the other half of your island and convert it into a breakfast nook with high stools in front. That way, no more wide tables and chairs are needed in your kitchen.

In fact, a wide kitchen cabinet with hollow panels and a kitchen island is enough for you to have everything you need in your kitchen. It also takes up fewer spaces. To further increase lighting and avoid installing electric fans or air coolers inside, you can increase ventilation by having bigger windows for natural light to come in. A well-lighted kitchen always looks big in any perspective.

Small kitchen must not stop you from making it look great and complete. You just need to plan well and think of ways to incorporate what you want in a smart way.


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