Modern Indian Kitchen Design Tips


India has an extremely rich culinary culture and all Indian people are really proud of this culture. That’s why every Indian wife knows how to cook great meals, and that is also why the kitchen is a very important part in any Indian home. Just like typical Indian meals that are so colorful and have so many different flavors in every dish, Indian kitchens also have a vibrant style.

Lately Indian kitchen design has become so popular in the world of modern interior design, simply because of its luxurious look without the need of too complicated materials. The main attraction of modern Indian kitchen design is the blend of traditional Indian elements with modern kitchen interior that gives it a sleek and glossy look while keeping an authentic Indian style.

Colors are a vital aspect in Indian kitchen design. These colors should be chosen carefully so anyone will instantly get the feel of modern-Indian style in the first glance. Whether it’s a small or large kitchen, vibrant colors such as red with grey, dark green with white or other bright color combination would be perfect. For finishes, you can chose something shiny that has a natural feel.

There is no specific rule about the shape for modern Indian kitchen design, basically you can adjust the shape based on the available space you have. However, a lot of homeowners who adopted this kitchen style in their homes chose the L-shape for their kitchens.

A lot can be done to make your Indian kitchen looks more attractive, you can always adjust with your budget. Some simple tweaks you can do is to use curved cabinets, and to add even more luxurious feel you can add an island on a strategic spot with glass framed chairs.

Teak or sleek bamboo can be used for the floor to create a natural feel in the kitchen. In order to make it more authentic, you can add a braided rug with typical Indian-style colors and perhaps some traditional Indian baskets that can also serve as additional storage units. Don’t forget to provide sufficient storage space for your kitchen.

Indian kitchen design is actually not too complicated, you just need to find the balance between the Indian style, the user’s personality and most importantly, functionality. Achieving this balance is also not too difficult, even in small spaces, with careful planning you should be able to create your beautiful Indian kitchen with great functionality. To make sure the Indian kitchen you design has a perfect balanced of style, personality and functionality.


  1. Storage system is a vital thing in any kitchen, especially if the Indian kitchen you design will be very busy like those kitchens in most Indian homes. Busy kitchens will require lots of storage to keep enough groceries and other items, so you need to make the most out of the available space you have.
  2. Drawers, slide-out racks and baskets are great options for storage system. Not only providing sufficient storage space, but these types of storage are also easy to access and make it easier for you to find anything.
  3. Be creative to make the most out of the available space you have. You can even stack cabinets from the floor to the ceiling or install a long module that stands all the way up. As long as you have the space for it and you can make sure everything is reachable than you can execute it.
  4. Maintain a sleek look of your kitchen while creating more room for your cooking stuff with a swing-out style pantry. You can also create some extra pullout bins in the available space. Then you can get rid of all expired products or those you know you will never use and put the rest in the pullout bins. You will have a clutter-free kitchen and a more comfortable workspace.
  5. Another good idea for storage is behind-the-door storage that provides a huge space for pantry while keeping the kitchen looks neat and convenience.
  6. Still need more storage? There is always a room to wiggle around. Once again just be creative and try to look at some odd-shaped places that most likely to be unused, such as the corners or fridge tops, you might be surprised just how much extra storage you can get by making use of these spaces. Today there are even many ready-made modules built for odd-shaped spaces, like corner modules. There are various choices for corner cabinets with beautiful trays that can store various stuff.
  7. For products that you use very often and you don’t want to keep it inside cabinets or drawers, you can make use of a hanging shoe holder. The shoe holder can provide an open storage with significant extra space without ruining the look of your elegant kitchen.
  8. Kitchen counter is the place where most of your work in the kitchen takes place, so you better free up the space. This will also help to keep your kitchen clutter-free. If there are some products that you really need to have around the counter, you can put them in a hanging basket instead. You can use hanging baskets that have an Indian style with bright colors to make your kitchen even more alive. Baskets are great options if you prefer to have some products in plain sight instead of in the pantry or fridge.
  9. In Indian kitchens, cooking tools like pots and pans are always on plain sight. In the modern kitchen, you actually can still put them on plain sight. Don’t worry about creating a clutter, as long as you arrange them neatly it should be okay. You can hang them with a nice arrangement above the stove, just make sure they are nicely organized and the hooks are strong enough to hold their weight.
  10. For cutleries, besides storing them in a cutlery drawer under the counter, you can also use magnetic strips on the cutting area of your kitchen.
  11. Finally before you start working on your Indian kitchen design, it will be very helpful if you just look around the Internet for some design ideas to get an inspiration.

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