Modular Kitchen Design Recommendations


An excellent guide to design a practical and attractive kitchen area. The kitchen can be noted as the most important part of a home. It is where the meals are cooked, it is where families meet informally, it is where youngsters like to stay around and fundamentally, it is the focus point of a home.

It is observed that cooking meals is an art and that’s the reason the kitchen area of a home should be uplifting and encouraging for a person to spend time in it happily preparing meal for the family. In short, the kitchen area should be a happy part of the home.

You can transform your kitchen area to a pleasant and happy location by following one rule – keep it clean and mess-free. Hence whilst developing your kitchen area; this kitchen design help guide ought to be your major reference point.

To maintain the kitchen clean and mess-free, it is important to design your kitchen in such a way it offers roomy cabinets, there’s enough floor space, handy stove best as well as clean and clear counter tops.

This is a quick and simple help guide to design your kitchen area which will enable you to design a stylish yet practical kitchen:

Useful kitchen area design recommendations:

The kitchen door: Though the ideal entrance needs to be close to thirty-two inches broad, in many Indian native homes, the actual kitchen areas tend to be small; this dimension might not be practical. Therefore, it is advisable to have doorways that open up out, to conserve room.

Sliding doors can also be used depending on the dimension as well as layout from the kitchen area.

Thickness of kitchen tall cabinets: Anyplace close to 600 – 610 mm depth of tall cupboards including doorways is a perfect measurement, but again this entirely depends on the client requirements to select from.

Perfect kitchen worktop height:

Any kind of perfect kitchen countertop is about 90 cm but this again could be created as per the height of the person who is using it. The creative designer’s guidance is to make sure that the kitchen worktop elevation ought to be few cm below the shoulder height of the person who works on your delicious meals.

As per perfect recommendations, the perfect function best must be 65 cm if you’re 125cm tall and 120cm elevation if you are two hundred cm tall.

However you can keep on including 3cm towards the perfect height associated with 65cm for each 5cm associated with elevation more than 125cm individual.

The work triangle: It’s most critical factor that can determine the layout of the kitchen area. Think about a few points in a kitchen – the kitchen sink, the refrigerator as well as the kitchen area counter-top. The length among these points is called the work triangle.

Now the actual perimeter of this triangle shouldn’t be more than eight metre distances and that is the sum of the three attributes from the triangle and that is the entire range.

This particular distance will make working in your kitchen simpler.

Kitchen counter: The particular countertop should have 12 inches place on the one hand at the least. The peak from the home counter-top must be about 30inches, can be amount of inches much less or possibly more. You can make changes as per your peak and luxury.

The ideal depth of kitchen counter should be 24 inches. Presently the space amid the counter and also the wall cabinet can also be very important as this range determines the actual convenience of a kitchen. Formulate the aloofness anywhere amid 15 to 20 inches.

If the range is too low or too high, then working in the kitchen gets difficult. Make sure that the actual counter edges are spherical and not pointed in order to avoid mishaps.

Distance between counters: There should be at least a distance of 48 inches between the counters. When the kitchen area is actually little, make sure to leave a handy space between.

For counter-top bar stools you can chose one of the following:

  • Countertop-elevation bar seat – 24-28 inches from the ground to the stool (24 – 28 inches)
  • Bar height stools – 29 – 32 inches from the floor to the seat
  • For extra high seats the elevation ought to be about 33-36 inches from floor to seat.

The walkway: however the perfect walkway is about 42 inches, for more compact kitchen areas plan an appropriate and useful pathway.

The sink: In many Indian kitchens, there are no dish washers and it is the sink where items tend to be washed manually. Hence get a big sink, to ensure that there’s sufficient room for large utensils.

Bar counters: An ideal bar counter-top height is actually mentioned as 42 inches which is comfortable with regard to standing as well as the sitting person.


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Modular Kitchen Design Recommendations