Movable kitchen islands: advantages and disadvantages


Dream about kitchen island? But what if the size of your kitchen does not allow to install it. In this case, the mobile kitchen island is a perfect solution. The main function lying on ii kitchen island performs excellently – provide with an additional work surface and storage space for kitchen utensils.

Today in the process of creating designer interiors, mobile kitchen sets, so-called islands, are used more often. Such furniture is compact and easy to use, moreover, it looks great both in small and modest kitchens as well as in spacious and respectable houses.

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  • Mobile islands are multifunctional: they can be used as a breakfast bar, dining room table, or useful working surface.
  • Mobile island for kitchen can be easily installed in parallel with the main work surface or at right angle to it.
  • At the time when the island is not needed, it can be easy moved to the window or wall, so it will not block the space of the cook-room.
  • The main disadvantage of the mobile kitchen islands is their incompatibility with equipment connected with the communication systems. Installation of dishwasher, sink, cooking top, or oven in such furniture will not be appropriate.

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Such elements of the kitchen furniture as mobile islands can be used in any styles. Moreover movable kitchen island will help you to update the interior of the kitchen and increase its functionality without significant material costs.


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