Retro style kitchen: choosing furniture do not forget about retro kitchen table

Retro style is the breath of the past. This style gathers all the most striking elements of 50-70 years. In the interior of retro style kitchen the most memorable pieces of the last century, adding a certain flavour to the design of housing, are chosen.

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The kitchen in retro style can be completed with different suitable details. For example, black-and-white photographs, wall clocks, decorative plates – any little things that help create the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Interior features

  • Kitchen furniture of the middle 20th century was very simple, but good-quality and functional.
  • In the interior of the kitchen it is necessary to add chrome, as in those years this metal was very popular. For example, you can buy a chair or a retro kitchen table with chrome legs.
  • Perhaps nothing can reflect the style of that time as the presence of kitchen cabinet.
  • On top of that it is capacious and has a smart storage system.

Where to find furniture in retro style

You can furnish your kitchen in retro style in three ways:

  1. The first option is the cheapest one, but very long and laborious. You can search the desired furniture at flea markets, attics and friends’ basements.
  2. The second option is the most expensive. Buy furniture in antique shops or at auctions. It usually already restored, but it is worth a lot of money.
  3. The third option is for people who do not actually care about the age of the kitchen furniture. It can be made to order or just bought in the store.
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Retro kitchen table

Speaking about retro dining tables, you can choose both round and rectangular one. But do not forget that the design of the table should be simple, and the tabletop – light. Chairs of that era resemble the chairs from the cafe – on metal legs. Created interior can be perfectly completed by refrigerator, produced in the last century – the massive and impressive one.

Retro style is considered one of the most interesting. It is complex and diverse. To create it, you can realize all your imagination; there is endless room for creativity.

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