Three top quality rolling kitchen islands and how they compare


The great thing about having a rolling kitchen island is that you finally have all of your important utensils and ingredients in one place. But with there being so many islands available, how do you know which are the best? Here are a few islands well worth considering.

rolling kitchen island photo - 1

Home Styles Utility Cart

This rolling kitchen island is made of wonderful hardwood and had a stainless steel worktop. The shelves underneath can also be adjusted so then you can store your larger or smaller tools more effectively. Generally priced at around $280, this is certainly well worth considering.

Crosley Furniture Kitchen Island

This island encloses everything in hardwood draws instead of shelves like the island from Home Styles. This is certainly the island to choose if you want something that offers a little style.
rolling kitchen island photo - 2
At about $350 it is more expensive than the Home Styles cart, but for many that will be worth it.

Home Styles Create-A-Cart

This island offers a little more storage than the other model from Home Styles. This comes with two cabinets and five drawers, making it similar in style to the Crosley Furniture Kitchen Island. Priced at around $400, this is the most expensive island of the three, but it does offer more storage space than the others.


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