Round kitchen tables: warmth and comfort of your kitchen

Creating design of your kitchen, you need to be aware of special significance of this process. It is in this room, we are used to gather the whole family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Drink coffee or tea, make small talks, or share our problems. It is therefore very important that the atmosphere in the kitchen to be special, cozy and relaxing. Round kitchen tables will add some special elegance and charm to this room.

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Advantages of round dining tables

  •        According to the Oriental teachings of fen shui, this furniture is the most appropriate to create a harmonious environment in which peace and tranquility reign.
  •        The round table will be good solution for those who have small children or elderly people. Due to the absence of sharp corners you cannot worry about that someone will get a bruise or other injury due to his negligence.

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How to choose round dining tables

  1.     The first thing is to decide on the most suitable material and choose color that will fit harmoniously into the interior of your kitchen.
  2.     Remember, first of all table should be comfortable, fit to the kitchen sets in color and style, and be in harmony with the rest of the room. Although, in recent years, many designers are presenting projects in which tables are distinguished by their contrasting colors and shapes. For example, for the bleached oak classic kitchen you can choose light green or pink table, of course, provided that the color will appear in the other elements of decor.
  3.     If you want the table to be equally well suitable for spending time with family, and for noisy feasts, stop your choice on the table with the transformation mechanism. With just one hand movement you can turn small round table in the compact luxury dining table at which a large number of friends will gather.

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