Count every cantimeter of your kitchen? Small table is a way out

In a tiny kitchen, where every centimeter counts, to place dining area is often very difficult. On the one hand, you need to provide working area with the necessary freedom. On the other hand, it is necessary to think and to arrange, on compressed from all directions area, dining surface and seats. How can you square that circle?

The way out is a small table for a small kitchen.

Kinds of small tables

  • If you have already decided on the size of the table, you can go to the shops in search of a suitable model. What dining tables are suitable for a small kitchen?
  • Often, small tables are equipped with transformation systems. A few simple manipulations and a small table turns into a large kitchen dining table.
  • Quite often you can find a small kitchen table with a folding top. This model is good because, if necessary, it can be quickly folded and put away out of sight.
  • Brecfast bar for a small kitchen can become not just part of the stylish decor, but also save precious square meters and significantly enhance the functionality of the room. It will be appropriate in the kitchen of isolated type as well as in the kitchen studio where will effectively zone the space.

small kitchen tables photo - 1What form to choose

Modern kitchen tables can have both usual classic look and absolutely fantastic shape. However, despite the imagination of designers, we must admit that the most universal were and remain small square tables for kitchen. In contrast to the round tables and nontrivial form tables, they take up very little space and allow to use the available space more effectively.
small kitchen tables photo - 2Small kitchen table in spite of its modest size can be particularly useful. The undeniable advantage of the small table is the ability to be easily moved from corner to corner, from room to room. During warmer months, you can easily place this table in the garden or on the balcony, having arranged a tea party outdoors.

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