Stainless steel kitchen island – gloss and style of your unique kitchen


Stainless steel items is often found in the kitchen interiors. This material has some characteristics that simply cannot be replaced by others. There are three reasons to give preference to stainless steel covering:

  • it is quite durable,
  • it does not reflect the light,
  • it is distinct in heat-resistance.

That is why leading designers develop and improve kitchen sets where many surfaces, especially countertops and panels near the gas stove and sink, are made of stainless steel. More and more often stainless steel kitchen islands can be found in modern cook-rooms, as they are functional, do not wear out and quite beautiful.

stainless steel kitchen island photo - 1

Stainless steel in the interior of kitchen

  • This material can easily be combined with other, for example, wood. This option will be an elegant and practical one, especially if the rest of the decorative elements will be continuation of the selected style.
  • There are many examples of colors that will blend perfectly with such an island. For instance, white color will give the room a modern look with a hint of industrial style.
  • A good idea will be to pick up bar stools made of the same meterial, which will continue the overall concept. The wooden floor will help to balance the entire look.
  • To avoid too cold and detached character of the room, the worktop can have a circular shape. The flowing lines will soften the metal, especially if we continue the design with the help of some details.
  • If entire kitchen is made in this style, to avoid some boredom and monotony, you can use bright accessories, such as red chairs and original chandeliers.
  • Kitchen island made of stainless steel is not only perfectly suited for the kitchen in a modern style. With the right decoration they look great even in a room with a classic design.
  • It is important not to forget about the lighting that add extra sparkle and shine.

stainless steel kitchen island photo - 2

Of course, all of the above is just some hints, but are not rules. There are no clear boundaries of what can and cannot be done when choosing such a material. You can try to combine incompatible things and create your own unique style.


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