Quality white kitchen table sets


For a clean Kitchen dinning look, you can’t go wrong with white kitchen table and chairs.

White kitchen sets come in many styles to fit anyone’s needs. Sets usually come with a table and at least two to four seats, but you can find sets that can seat more than four people at one time.

white kitchen table and chairs photo - 1You can go for the elegant look of vintage-inspired tables and chairs that are great for a single or couple. Or on the other extreme need the stable structure of nook sets that can often seat up to 8 or more and are more suited to a rambunctious family. Most people tend to prefer a sturdy, good looking set with two or four chairs. Sometimes the sets also include a bench to extend seating options.

white kitchen table and chairs photo - 2Table heights also differ. Most sets have tables that are the regular dining height, but counter height tables with higher chairs are also popular.

Some of the most popular brands in the US are IKEA, Simple Living, ACME, Boraam and many more. Prices range a lot depending on quality, brand, style and size. You can get a white kitchen table set for as little as about $75 to more than $500.


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