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It’s time to bring your family together more often. While many people think that means sitting around a formal dining room table together, that rarely works. If you think your kids are going to get cleaned up every evening to sit with the family and use the right fork for the portions of their meal you probably don’t know your kids very well. But just because they aren’t going to take part in a formal dinner doesn’t mean you can’t get everyone together in a less formal setting, just to keep in touch.

The perfect social piece of furniture is a wood round kitchen table. Many families have already started moving more and more of their social time into the kitchen, and the table shape that is most conducive to a comfortable and open social environment is around one.

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Not only are wood round kitchen tables a good place to gather for an evening meal, or maybe even a weekend breakfast, but they are also a place you may be able to get the family together on an odd night to play a round or two of your favorite game.

When time comes to go round kitchen table shopping, here are some of the things to keep in mind before you make a final selection:

Diameter – Make sure you choose a round kitchen table that is wide enough to hold what you need and that you can set the right number of people around it. You will have to balance this while also figuring out how to make sure it fits in the room and doesn’t make it uncomfortable to get around. When you are measuring to see what will fit, take the chairs into account. If the chairs have armrests they will take more space.

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Style – Round kitchen tables are not just about functionality, they are also about form. Choose a style that matches your kitchen decor Look at the cabinets, floor, countertops and other furniture in the room and see if it blends in. If you are fonward thinking you may also want to pick a piece that matches your dining room set to lead from one eating space to another keeping the flow moving. If you choose a matching one, you can use your round kitchen table as a service piece in the dining room at big holidays, or as the ever-loved kids table.

Surface – This will have something to do with the kind of look you are after. If you are shooting for a more formal look, you may want to go with veneer, which can be stunning. Something a little more casual, perhaps? How about natural wood or tile? Tile can be harder to clean because of the grout.

Height – No longer are you stuck with one height in a round kitchen table. Now that bistro and pub tables are available you have a choice to sit up a little higher than you used to.

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