Alocasia Zebrina Care Tips


The Alocasia Zebrina is really a lovely Tropical plant. Its large leaves stand out but do its amazing zebra-like stems. It isn’t the best plant to manage though also it’s going to shed leaves every once in a while. Fortunately, this is common and isn’t anything to be concerned about. For very good care of the plant, then it is going to just shed its older leaves to produce space for new leaves that are new.

The Alocasia Zebrina is really a tropical plant, so it wants a humid atmosphere. In case it becomes too dry, then it is going to become at risk of fleas.

Fortunately, there’s a really straightforward approach to retain this plant warm enough: mist it sporadically. It’s ideal to do so at least one time each week in the daytime. It generates your own plant seem, fitter, plus it’s going to be happier with the additional humidity.

alocasia zebrina

Humidity and watering

This plant enjoys humid weather, however, That really does not indicate it enjoys becoming watered a lot. It’s much better to submerge this plant marginally. Its thick stalks include a whole lot of moisture, therefore it’s not going to should be watered as frequently as you’ll anticipate.

The long stalks will save plenty of moisture, so it’s quite simple to observe if your alocasia zebrina plant is hungry. When all stalks beginning to droop slightly, its stalks are no longer high in moisture also it ought to be watered. In case just an individual stem starts to snore, do not water the plant. An individual exerts stem may signify that the plant is hoping to displace it using a brand new leaf.

Just how do I water?

A Simple trick you need to use whenever mowing this plant will be to wash until water begins to trickle out of this drainage pit. After the water melts from this drainage pit, the dirt has absorbed all of the moisture it may. Draining the surplus water is very important to reduce root rot. The Alocasia Zebrina does not prefer to sit in wet soil, which will lead to root rot quite fast.

In case you do not possess a Bud with a drainage pit, you may utilize the plastic pot that it arrived in and position it inside the”permanent” bud.

You may see this from the image above. But once you desire to wash your Alocasia Zebrina, then you can lift the nursery kettle and set it in a sink. You can now water your plant, then drain the excess water, and set it into its pot with drainage holes.

Only water more often, but just very tiny amounts. The purpose is to maintain the soil slightly damp, although perhaps not really much your Alocasia stays in wet dirt.

alocasia zebrina

Lift the bud to Test its fat

For a lot of crops, you can easily Touch the dirt of course, when it feels tender, you are able to water. This really isn’t true with this particular specific plant.

This Alocasia is quite sensitive to water. The perfect method to ascertain whether it requires a beverage (aside from the stalks), will be to lift the kettle and whether or not it seems light, water. This could just take a few exercises. Therefore once you find out your plant trembling, do not water immediately, but lift this up first. Today you’ll have the ability to tell exactly what weight will be to get next moment.

Sunlight Alocasia Zebrina Requirements

This Plant wants a whole lot of sun. I’ve got it in a space with a window that is homogenous, therefore it will get a great deal of sun throughout daily.

Do not put it directly close to the window this may definitely burn off its exquisite, enormous leaves.

If your alocasia zebrina plant becomes marginally yellowish leaves, then you know that sunlight was a lot of to your plant and you ought to move into a marginally more dishonest spot. If you have an area using a south-facing window, then there is not a problem! You might even set it to the window at the west or west-facing window. These chambers won’t get as sunlight, however by setting the plant directly alongside the window, so it is going to be enough through your daytime.


Alocasia Zebrina is toxic to both people and animals – keep away from small children and pets.

 Restart the alocasia zebrina plant

This plant wants sunlight, also to this extent that in the event you never give it enough with this, then it is going to begin to cultivate its stalks longer and more simply to locate the location with sunlight. This usually means that plants will grow in the sunlight.

In the event you never pay enough attention to this, then the plant will rise to a single side, as opposed to upward. An easy remedy to avert this will be always to rotate this plant 90 degrees (per quarter) after every time you water.

If your plant isn’t reaching for sunlight, that you never need to accomplish any such thing, your own plant is satisfied having its own place.

alocasia zebrina


The Soil option is quite essential if keeping plants.

You want to appear at the particular demands for each plant. As stated earlier in this guide, this plant needs to be under-watered as opposed to over-watered, because over-watering may kill it.

A solution to be certain the odds of over-watering are low is using very well-draining dirt . This is going to make certain all excess water has been emptied from this kettle and also the minimal necessary water remains behind. It is going to just have the ability to consume minimal water along with its own origins wont be in danger of rotting too readily.

Top Floom tip

Your alocasia zebrina will do well in a warm, brightly lit spot, but be warned, too much direct sunlight will burn its waxy leaves.

That’s why we suggest popping yours near a south-facing window, in a spot that receives a little direct light around a corner, or through a set of blinds. Got a frosted-glass window in your bathroom?

Consider it the perfect combination of humidity and light for your new green friend.


The Alocasia Zebrina develops very fast In its rising stage from spring up until early fall. In that time period, you should sew the plant every 2 weeks to give it the energy it takes to keep growing quickly. Always be sure that you flush out the remnants of out the fertilizer every month or two. You can achieve so by mowing the plant entirely and also letting the water flow through the underside of the pot. This is going to keep the dirt a habitable location for plant life.

Alocasia Zebrina Pot dimensions

The Alocasia Zebrina enjoys functioning as origin Bound in a little pot. Thus do not re-pot this plant at a bigger pot too fast. It is rather delighted to stay a little kettle. Whenever you finally do need to maneuver the plant to some larger kettle, be certain that you get this done in tiny increments. You are interested in getting the Alocasia to sit at a marginally larger kettle fast to keep it happy. Whenever you find the origins begin to turn from the base of the kettle, you understand that your Zebrina is actually a plant that is joyful.


The Alocasia Zebrina is toxic if ingested as well as the sap out of the Stem may lead to irritation to the skin. Therefore it is ideal to retain this plant from reach from young children and pets. In this way, you’re able to delight in this particular plant to the fullest and it can appear the most exquisite in the very long haul.


Yellowing or spotting on leaves: suggests the plant has been overwatered – make sure you allow the top soil to dry out before watering the plant again, especially in winter.

Browning edges: indicate the plant has either been underwatered or scorched by direct sunlight. Make sure your Alocasia Zebrina only receives bright, indirect sunlight.

Leaves fading and dying in fall/winter: Alocasia Zebrina goes into dormancy as temperatures drop and days shorten. Don’t panic if this happens, just reduce your watering and

The size of an Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrinas can vary quite a little In size, from plants grown from bulbs to enormous older plants which are tall as three feet. Other plants at the Alocasia family could possibly become much bigger, however, the Alocasia Zebrina remains small enough to function as an ideal house plant.

Every plant has its very own personality Characteristics, such as growing flowers. Even the Alocasia Zebrina additionally has some personality traits which look worse than they’re. This section will be to assist you to understand your plant does exactly what it can and why you need don’t blame things that your plant care naturally does.

Dropping leaves

Once an Alocasia Zebrina Keeps Growing, it Will place out a couple of leaves within a quick time period. Until a certain point, it does not have any influence on the plant in any way. Once your plant gets roughly 5 leaves, then it is going to begin to shed the weakest leaves in a way that is spectacular. The image here is exactly what this resembles.

The plant cuts the nutrients into the weakest leaves to conserve them For new expansion. The plant could simply sustain 4 5 leaves once so when fresh leaves have been increased, the older and feeble ones will perish. There’s not anything wrong with this, and this is the way a plant naturally acts. There’s no solution to conserve the foliage and also you should watch it for a fantastic indication that you can find fresh leaves along with the manner.

Sweating leaves

When You look after your own Alocasia Zebrina, you may have observed water drops the Leaves before. These seem if your plant care is a Tiny Over-watered plus it is Attempting to”sweat” the surplus of the water by allowing it to escape from miniature This really isn’t any cause for concern that the plant is okay. But, It’s very good to bear in your mind for watering the next moment.

Briefly about alocasia zebrina

This plant is approximately 12 inches tall and it comes in a plastic nursery pot size 5 inch.

This plant is toxic to animals if consumed.

Alocasia zebrina Care Tips:

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Water: let the plant dry out between waterings

Humidity: above average

Soil: well draining mix


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