Drop leaf kitchen table – perfect solution for small kitchen space

Among the large variety of kitchen furniture it is so difficult to choose something more appropriate for you. Arriving at store, we wander aimlessly between the shelves and stands hoping to find a suitable option. It is especially difficult to buy furniture for kitchen, because it is one of the main places in each home. Today, one-stop solution for those who want to save space is drop leaf kitchen table. Benefits of drop leak kitchen tables.

  •        Of course, the main advantages of such furniture are its comfort and functionality. You do not have to buy two tables, one for kitchen and one for the living room. You just need to take such a table-transformer, and it can easily get the required number of guests.
  •        One more advantage of this table is considered to be reliability. They have a simple transformation mechanism, and thus the risk of breakage is significantly reduced. Having bought a drop leaf kitchen table, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years.

drop leaf kitchen table photo - 1

When assembled it occupies little space and can be placed anywhere: in a corner or near the wall in the middle of the room. If necessary, with one movement of the hand, it increases to the desired number of centimeters.

How to choose drop leaf dining table?

The most difficult thing is to choose the form which is most suitable for your room.

  •        Rectangular table is indisputable classics of the genre. Being folded they take up very little space, but being transformed, it becomes a full-fledged table where all your guests can sit.
  •        Oval table looks more elegant and original.
  •        The round table is the most unusual and interesting solution for small kitchens. When assembled it is very compact, and being unfolded, it can give seats to all family members.

drop leaf kitchen table photo - 2

If you need a small drop leaf dining table, draw attention to the shape of a square. These tables are usually of small size and perfect for those who want to save space.

In recent years, more and more people pay attention exactly to such items as all of us want to save space and make our kitchen to be comfortable and practical. Even if you are the owner of a tiny kitchen, do not despair: modern furniture manufacturers have come up with the perfect solution – drop leak dining tables.

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