Choosing kitchen island with stools: what to consider?


You have a small kitchen and want to use every inch of the room with the benefit? To your attention, such kitchen furniture as kitchen island with stools.

Kitchen island is a modern invention for those who want the stove to be available on all sides of the room. This design allows two or more people cook together at the same time. Kitchen island table perfectly combines several functions: function of the table itself; function of the worktop, and others. The working surface of the kitchen island can serve as an eating area. Choose it wisely, and it will give you not only functional benefits, but also can change for the better the entire look of your kitchen.

Kitchen stool, in its turn, is considered to be the most simple and ergonomic furniture unit that can be used to design quite stylishly both small-size kitchen and a spacious one. Why not to combine these two pieces of furniture?

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Many people place stool to the category of already go-out-of-fashion stuff, believing that with their help, it is almost impossible to complete and even more – to enrich the purpose of design idea. These people prefer fashionable chairs with high backs and elegant chrome legs. Of course, these decorative good lookers are suitable for a spacious room, but they will not have such a pompous charm in a small kitchen. And then the practical stools come to the rescue.

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Choosing kitchen island with stools

While choosing, you must clearly define: what will be the function of your future kitchen island and stools, what dimensions they will have and so on. For example, such type of kitchen furnishings as islanddrawer is primarily designed for the storage of crockery and other utensils. It can also serve as an extra tabletop for cooking.

The modern market offers a truly rich variety of styles, designs and colors of kitchen island with stools. Despite the fact that the leading position is occupied by traditional models made of natural wood, new trends require new experiments in which creative people are willing to participate.

Remember, not only little kitchen-studios can have islands and stools in their interior: designers also recommend this interior decision for large rooms.


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