Stylish accent of your kitchen – glass dining tables

In the light of recent trends modern designs hunt after space, laconic design and visual weightlessness. Sharp lines, exact shapes, practical compact modules, light fittings are used as a basis. In addition to functionality and overall compliance, ecology and aesthetics of facades and surfaces of kitchen sets are crucial when buying.

Glass kitchen tables in the interior of any kitchen create amazingly good impression. This table attracts the eye, looks very stylish and gives the kitchen a special charm and originality.

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Transparent table is perfect for a small kitchen. It seems easy and weightless. Glass visually increases the size of a small room adding the kitchen precious volume. Glass kitchen tables just seem fragile. They are made of highly durable tempered glass, which is practically impossible to break and difficult to scratch. Even if suddenly, somehow, a dining table is broken, its small pieces, thanks to special treatment, will not harm you.
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For any taste

As a rule, tabletop is made of tinted, transparent or matte glass. Most often it is rectangular, square, circular or oval. However, the designer’s tables can have any abstract form. This makes it possible to find a suitable table for almost any style of a kitchen.
Legs for glass tables are mostly made of wood or chrome-plated metal. But you can find a very original model, where the glass is combined with stone, leather or artistic forging.

If you want to add some elegance and easinness to your living room or kitchen, the best solution is to buy a glass table. This material allows the table as if to dissolve in the room that gives the impression of more space. It remains only to determine the style of the table, its function, size and color.

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