How To Make The Most Of A Small Space When Renovating Your Kitchen


If you’re going to be renovating your kitchen then you’ll no doubt have grand ideas for what you want it to look like and what you want to include. Even though you’ll be able to design the kitchen yourself now though, you’re still going to be limited to a degree by various factors. Firstly that means budget – and there are some features you may just be unable to afford – but you also need to think about space and the geographical dimensions. There’s only so much you can fit into four small walls…

While you will be limited by the size of the room though, that’s not to say that you can’t make smart use of that space in order to make the place feel more spacious and roomy. Here we will look at some of the clever things you can do in your kitchen in order to make it feel bigger and in order to make it a little more practical for cooking and preparing food.


Light in any room will instantly make it look bigger and less cluttered as it bounces around the walls and opens the space out. Thus if you have the option, adding a large window to your kitchen can immediately make it feel much bigger and much more relaxing to spend time in.

Unfortunately, it’s impractical to have more than one window in most cases, but this is a problem you can get around if you use a mirror. Place a mirror on the wall opposite your window and it will reflect that light even more and at a glance, it will look like a second mirror. If you don’t have a free wall for a mirror then you can alternatively find kitchen cabinets with reflective glass surfaces.

Another way to get the feeling of more light in your rooms is to paint your walls white or at least a light color. White appears white because it reflects the full spectrum of light back at us onto our retina – thus it shares more of it around the room than darker, absorbent colors do.


The layout of your kitchen is of course also very important and particularly crucial is simply choosing the right layout for the dimensions of your room – not just the space, but also the actual shape. The way you design a square kitchen for instance should be very different to the way that you would design a narrow one. The aim here is to make sure that you always have access to at least adjacent or opposite surfaces, while at the same time avoiding filling the space so much that it’s hard to move around. A good option for square rooms then is a ‘U-shape’ design (countertops against three walls at the end of a room), while narrow rooms can benefit from a ‘corridor’ design.

Another consideration is going open-plan. Many people are against the idea of knocking through one of their walls to create more space, but it can actually be very beneficial and really increase the light in a whole portion of your home.


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How To Make The Most Of A Small Space When Renovating Your Kitchen