What Not To Do In Your Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands are great additions to every kitchen. It provides extra storage, great centerpiece and elegance to the overall look to your kitchen. However, like anything, there are quite a few things you must avoid to ensure its full serviceability. A kitchen island must be functional, well designed and worthy of your money. And to attain that, remove the unwanted.

Kitchen islands works like any standalone furniture but mainly placed in the center of the kitchen. It is rather big enough to be a cabinet for some of your kitchen items hence might take up more space in your kitchen. When choosing your kitchen island, the first thing you must not do is to choose a kitchen island that oversized the desired dimensions of the appropriate island. It must not be too big to create a very narrow space for your path walk since you will not be able to get around well with a very limited area.

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Next is not to choose a kitchen island that does not allow any plumbing. Although your sink is very comfortable in your built-in countertop on the side but it is essential still to have another sink for your kitchen island. This is mainly because a kitchen island is ideal for food preparation and preparing your food means a lot of washing and rinsing hence, you need another sink near you. You do not want to go back and forth from your island to your regular sink.

Another is not to place an extra room for your breakfast nook. Breakfast nook is the long line portion in your island opposite your food preparation table. Although this is usually not a given in most kitchen island, still, having an extra space to eat is a great idea. You do not need tables in the kitchen with that in your island.

Also, try not to leave any space or storage not in use. One of the main purpose of a kitchen island is extra storage and you do not want to negate that. Make use of all the storage in your kitchen island as well as your kitchen cabinets to serve their purpose and not just make it into a breeding ground for cobwebs and spiders.

Lastly, do not and never leave your kitchen island unorganized and dirty. This is not only applicable to your island but to your other furniture as well inside the house. Leaving it all dirty and unorganized will make it look unappealing especially to unexpected guests. In addition, trying to find what you need may be a bit hard if you do not easily find them under a pile of stuff.


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