Kitchen sets for girls


Kitchen sets for girls are one of the most appreciated didactical toys of today. They are usually safest ways to learn while playing. The creativity and the versatile approach to learning kinds of food, preparation, developing the fine movements of the hands are just some of the great things children can benefit from playing with kitchen sets.

Let’s see some of the most popular kitchen sets that can be found in the market.

The first set in this link is showing a set which consists of a mini stove, oven and a dishwashing area with sink and faucet. There is even a small cookbook attached. All the accessories are very safe for children because they are designed to be ergonomic and have curved lines Soft pastel colors are attractive and inspiring.

Kitchen sets for girls photo - 1

The next example which could be seen here is a mini set in a bright pink color with wheels for an easy transport. The small sink and the faucet look especially realistic due to metallic color finish. All the material is safe plastic. A nice detail is the baskets for organizing the accessories in the bottom of the set.
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This example which can be seen here: is a complex and much more equipped set. The look and feel of a real kitchen with an inspiration of countryside and a very good imitation of ceramic tiles. A lot of accessories are included. A very nice window with a real glass feel to it is in the middle.

Kitchen sets for girls Photo - 3


The kitchen set for girls from this link is simple and ideal for gardens. It has a Mediterranean feel to it and a very nice pastel pistachio color finish. A small vase with flowers gives it a romantic feel.

Kitchen sets for girls Photo - 4

The Kitchen sets for girls which can be seen here has a close-up approach and it’s also great for outdoor play. A calm shade of green gives it a very inviting feel.

The kitchen set shown in this picture is a walk-in set with a feel of a real kitchen. The plastic is designed to appear as wood and a reel feel ceramic floor is included. There is a small barbecue set which can be approached from outside.

Next, is a set shown here: consists of separate pale pink elements which can be nicely rearranged accordingly to child’s desire. A very creative way to learn about space.

A compact set shown here: has a deep bright pink plastic and a very central orientation.

A retro kitchen set for girls from the picture in this link has a feel of 1970-s and a minimalistic approach.



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