Nature wreath for kitchen


It is believed that decorating the house with nature wreaths is accepted only for Christmas. However, now in the interior there is a tendency to decorate the home with garlands and wreaths in honor of a variety of events, from birthdays to various holidays. It all depends on the owner’s imagination. Decorative natural wreaths can be made from almost any materials at hand, with minimal needlework experience. A minimalist wreath or large wreath will be a great decoration for your kitchen.

Nature wreath

The most obvious and harmonious option for any interior is, of course, a natural wreath of real branches. To twist into a circle, you can use a thin transparent fishing line, thread of the appropriate color or wire.

nature wreath

If desired, you can make the wreath as smooth as possible or leave some branches sticking out. To decorate the design, you can cut out the simplest figures from felt: hearts, circles, stars. From the same material, you can twist flowers or sew small three-dimensional figures and hang them in the lower part of the wreath. Knitted, plastic and wooden pendants are also suitable.

Fabric wreath base

To make a decorative large wreath look spectacular, it is recommended to use air fabrics. Organza or kapron is best. The base can be made of plastic or wooden hoops, thick metal wire. The available material should be cut into wide ribbons and, if desired, either tie them in bows or make them into voluminous flowers and fix them on the frame. Also, for beauty, you can use hot glue to glue colorful shiny ribbons, beads, and rhinestones to them.

Minimalist wreath

f there are unnecessary wool threads at home, it is worth trying to make small pom-poms out of them, which will serve as a bright decoration for a wreath. As a basis, you can take both a wire and a wide cardboard frame, and glue the resulting pom-poms to it. Needlewomen who know how to crochet can tie in different small figures in the form of flowers, animals, stars, hearts, and just like pom-poms, fix them on the base. Also, suitable threads can simply wrap a wide large wreath frame made of cardboard and it is already glued to various decorations made of ribbons, polymer clay, various beads, cut out of paper figures.

nature wreath

It is necessary to make an audit of old things. If there is enough unnecessary clothing, you can cut it into small ribbons and just tie it in the form of bows for a wreath. The more bright and colorful the fabric is, the more effective the wreath will be. The basis in this case, it is better to take a multi-level store, because of this, the decoration will turn out to be voluminous. Bright knitted yarn is perfect for decorating a wreath. It can be wrapped around a wide base and sew on it then voluminous flowers made of fabric, decorated with buttons and ribbons.


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