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The Kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you have a beautiful heart then everything around you seems to fall in place. As we all know that we need to season everything with love and our kitchen too needs a little bit of love. Kitchen is a place where meals and memories are made so it needs to be at its best. The small kitchenette set showcased here is the best example of a perfect kitchen that you should opt for.

This lovely and vibrant orange-themed kitchen invites all the positive energies to the house. Whether it is the vibrant colours or the classy edges, this design will just enthral you and your guests. The sharp edges and the neat designs make this kitchen an absolute stunner. It has a design that can accommodate all the essential fittings required in a kitchen without wasting a lot of space. It contains sleek wall units which can fit into any space without cramping the place. The steel handles add a bit of softness to the sharp look of this lovely yet modern kitchen.

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Usage of high quality materials
The materials used in this small kitchenette set design are of high quality. The internal material which is used is Caracas and the shutter material is laminated Marine ply. Plain glass has been used in some parts which give it a simple look. The base units of this design are made of glossy material which is energetic as well as soothing to the eyes.
Awesome colour combination

The colour combination of this small kitchenette set is the most iconic thing about its design. The vibrant orange combined with the classy and soothing cream colour takes its beauty to another level and add more splash of colour to your life and meal as well. The wall units are matched in tone with the base units. Just like the base units the wall units such as the dashboards and the cupboards are made with the same glossy material and have the exact same colour combination.

When you look at this design it will instantly attract you with its simplicity. This is a very compact design which will allow you to keep a lot of space for utility and can fit in almost all the kitchen essentials.
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