Wooden kitchen sets for toddlers


Wooden Kitchen set for toddlers is another mind blowing innovation by Kitchen Ideas. The set is customized to perfectly suit the growing needs of your daughter at any age. Wooden Kitchen sets for toddlers are designed by interior decor experts in collaboration with architects and child psychologists to create a lasting social bond.

Wooden kitchen sets are exclusively made from soft wood timber and ply wood. At the base of a wooden kitchen sets are pieces of relatively heavy wood frames and plank joints to create stability. The middle section is designed from ply-wood, light timber and rolling hinges that makes opening very ease. The knobs and handles are tough yet simple with slight abrasion to avoid slippery effect. The upper part of a wooden kitchen set is made from light materials that ensure perfect stability for the safety of the kid and there playing environment. There is minimal use of nails as joints are made from non-harmful glue.

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A wooden kitchen set for toddlers creates an almost perfect imaginative world for children which are surreal for their dreams. Apart from the safety and environmental concerns taken care of, wooden kitchen ensures up social and emotional development of kids. During the pretend play, kids act the role of mothers in kitchen and thereby imparting the social value empathy while building on their self confidence in social tasks. This also sets off a desire to explore new things in life. Wooden kitchen sets are designed to look real; wooden, perfect sinks and spacious shelves & cabinets. This simple structure enacts an environment for kids to develop their mental capacities from the abstract imaginations.

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Wooden kitchen sets for toddlers are environmentally safe. In times of mounting inorganic wastes and challenges of disposing them, wooden kitchen tables are ideal. They are durable, safe to the kid and environment yet simple, natural with inherent aesthetic value.
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